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KwikScreen was founded to provide you with the type of quality service and product that has become rare in the construction industry today. The KwikScreen team is comprised of some of the foremost experts in the field, with the singular goal of building a good quality product at a fair price, while always meeting and exceeding Florida's building codes.


KwikScreen Is your full service company for all your commercial and residential needs. Let our Qualified professionals utilize the most effective and modern materials. Your satisfaction is our goal. Our courteous and friendly staff will make sure your project is done right through communication and team work. We are conveniently located in Miami, FL and serve the entire South Florida area.

Screen Enclosures News and Blog

Why Patio Enclosures


Instead of sitting inside the house all day, going outside onto the patio can be a great place to relax and take in fresh air. It's helpful with a garden, a pool, or a grill to cook food; having furniture outside makes it possible to eat and entertain people who visit....Read More about screen enclosures


Patio Enclosures What And How


For those who want to patio enclosures, look up the main types that are seen likely in versions of screen patio, glass patio enclosures, and aluminum and/or vinyl patio enclosures, as well as sunrooms....Read More about type of screen enclosures


Is a Patio Enclosure Right for your Home


In today's world we're doing more renovations to our houses than ever. We live for our houses, we work for them. It's only natural that we would want our homes to rival our lives in greatness.....Read More about patio Enclosures


Restaurant Enclosures - A New Enclosure Miami


Kwikscreen announced an additional focus which is one involving enclosures for restaurants and other venues that want to use their outdoor space, patios and backyards, all year long.Read More about Restaurant Screen Enclosures



Roll A Cover - Retractable Roofs and Coverings


Having an outdoor patio for business, especially for restaurants and cafes, is very beneficial. Being able to dine outside is preferred for most people when the temperature and weather conditions are beautiful. The high risk is, however, bad weather coming in to ruin it, but that can't be predicted. So, businesses are looking for companies who specialize in protective and retractable roofs and coverings. One that has popped out is Roll-A-Cover.Read More about Retractable Roofs and Coverings



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